Tata Centrex

Centrex solution gives you a fully managed telecommunication service, be it at new premises or replacing/enhancing your existing your system, with minimal or not capital expenditure. This service simulates feature of an EPABX and you get all features of and advanced EPABX without investing in one.

Features Standard
Interface RJ 11
Minimum number of channels 5
Direct Inward Dialling (DID) facility Yes
Default DID NA
Direct Outward Dialling (DOD) facility Yes
Same product pooling Yes
Cross product pooling (national pooling) Yes
Closed user group facility Yes
Short Digit Dialling (SDD) (Local/STD) Yes


  • Multiple office connectivity on private numbering scheme with free calling advantage.
  • Multi-party conference and a host of other value added services like call hold, call line identification, call forwarding etc.
  • Dynamic locking and authentication code to prevent unauthorised use.


  • We have proven technology with successful deployments and happy customers across India.
  • You get access to future ready with IP network based features to help improve productivity and mobility

  • We give you cost efficiency with pay-per use models.

  • We provide around the clock,24×7, service and support.

  • Our service standards are second to none.

  • We value relationships.