L2 Multicast Solution

L2 Multicast is a solution that helps businesses deliver multimedia content across geographies. This solution allows businesses to broadcast video content across thousands of subscribers simultaneously.


Our L2 Multicast solution is the first of its kind video connect solution in India. Video content transmission is done through a network link that establishes a tree, connecting your source with multiple receivers. The Layer 2 Switch solution copies data from the source and simultaneously broadcasts it through single stream data transmission for multiple end points, resulting in broadcasting efficiency and bandwidth gains.



  • Get secure, accurate data transmission through our extensive network across geographies

  • Get optimised bandwidth usage through multicast technology, thereby controlling costs

  • Broadcast efficiently through single stream data transmission for multiple end points making the solution effective

  • Add localized video content at any of the drops and distribute it further

  • Experience digital simulcast of live TV and multicasting to thousands of subscribers simultaneously

Our standard L2MC solution is a secure broadcasting solution that offers dedicated connectivity from your source to thousands of subscribers simultaneously.
With one way traffic flow with a single feed from hub to spoke at the same time, our multicast solutions are primed for video broadcasting across thousands of locations and subscribers.
The Premium L2MC solution comes with additional features that offer better SLAs and help you keep track of your connectivity at all times through online interface. In all our L2MC solutions, you will have Assured Quality of Service for a stress free, reliable solution.



L2 Multicast – Features Standard Premium
Dedicated (1:1 contention) Yes Yes
Simplex communication (1 way) Yes Yes
Multiple, scalable bandwidth options Yes Yes
Drop and forward Yes Yes
Protection Linear Ring
Service availability 98% 99.5%
Mean time to resolve (MTTR) 8 hours 8 hours
Last mile options Wireline Wireline
Online portal access for detailed reports Yes
Link uptime Yes
Trouble tickets and SLA compliance Yes


  • We offer India‚Äôs first video connect solution to simulcast content to thousands of subscribers

  • With our solution, you get better bandwidth optimization

  • We give you the provision to add localized content for specific geographies and distribute it further

  • Our user-friendly web based interface enables instant access to online reports

  • We provide round the clock, 24×7, service and support

  • Our service standards are second to none

  • We value relationships