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Our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) solution has 30 channels providing voice, data, image and video services on a single link. And each channel can be configured as incoming, outgoing or two-way.

Do Big with PRI

PRI from Tata Docomo provides a future ready voice network that connects your office seamlessly.

  • Eliminates cost of individual dedicated lines
  • Digital transmission of voice and data
  • Direct Inward and Outward Dialing

Grow with digital voice network

PRI is a local exchange access service that creates a direct digital connection of 30 channels of 64 kbps each, (2Mbps for a PRI) from Tata Docomo switch to provide voice, data, image and video services on a single line.


  • Scalable with multiples of 30 Channels.
  • Supports video conferencing solutions.
  • Value added services available such as like extension wise billing and similar pilot number across offices.
  • Terminates PRI on card in PBX devices.


  • Designed to allow digital transmission of voice and data on E1 connectivity, resulting in better quality and higher speed.
  • Allows a generous number of standard and optional features to work with the service, especially Caller ID.
  • Customised Signature Tunes available on individual lines.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Circuit switched capability can provide alternate paths in the event of emergency.

Features Standard
Interface G.703
Minimum number of channels 30
Direct Inward Dialling (DID) facility Yes
Default DID 30
Direct Outward Dialling (DOD) facility Yes
Same product pooling Yes
Cross product pooling (National pooling) Yes
Closed user group facility Yes
Dual last mile Yes
Video conferencing Yes
Tele marketing number (140) Yes
Budget call feature (ILD) Yes


  • We have proven technology with successful deployments and happy customers across India.
  • You get access to future ready with IP network based features to help improve productivity and mobility.
  • We give you cost efficiency with pay-per use models.
  • We provide around the clock,24×7, service and support.
  • Our service standards are second to none.
  • We value relationships.